Singapore 14 - 18.4.2014

Why Singapore?
Why Singapore?
Just another airline lounge
Just another airline lounge
Why I love Singapore?
Touchdown to taxi in 19 mins. That's taxiing, disembarkation, immigration, luggage, customs then taxi. It's like 3 minutes each step. 
C'mon Melbourne step up. 
Thanks W!
Basil Salt and cucumber cocktail. I don't know how but it worked. 
Yep I could be switching brands. 
The light switches
The Moët Monday tradition continues in Singapore
I hear it's cold at home. Sorry. 
Ah relaxing. And yes that is Peppa Pig!
OMG a Selfie. That's Rob & Amanda aka Romanda!
OMG a Selfie. That's Rob & Amanda aka Romanda!

Nitrogen created ice cream!

Din Tai Fook:  worlds cheapest Michellin star food. And amazing dumplings! Was 40 too many?
A week of Nutella haha!
Youre joint Joel?!
Adam & Eve. 
Or Steven & Eve after all this food. 
Does anyone know who this is?

The Thinker. 
Not so comfy pillows W. I feel like a taco is wrapped around my head!
Cara the W Insider who knows everything to do in and around Singapore. I've met my match!  Thanks for a great stay!
View from my room at InterCon. 
Seriously why not put the food right under my nose!
Best Chicken Rice in Singapore at Yet Con. Thanks Cara!
Yes that is a soccer pitch and stadium on water!
Am I in Santorini or Singapore? 
Yes peeps. That's seventeen dollars a kilo for broccoli!
Where to begin? 
Another reason why I love Singapore. Hotel to Qantas club in 22 minutes. Are you kidding me!
I had the salmon. Seriously cooked right in front of you! 
QF chef!
Desert. Creme Brûlée, Sachatort, Red Velvet cupcake and a lamington! 
This job makes me test all aspects including food!
UPDATE:  The lamington won hands down. 
Looks like it's going to be a bumpy flight!
Clearly this machine was not built for people with calves!!! 
"Excuse me sir, would you like an espresso martini?"
... The new Qantas Club. Melbourne being upgraded when?!?!?
Enough said.
A one minute mantra. Love this :)
Click to play video.
Happily married with 5 kids unfortunately. 

Goodbye Singers another great time!

Far out Melbourne are you reading this?
Touchdown to Tulla Fwy in 25 mins. Impressive!
QF your lounge at Singapore was phenomenal however that flight home was the most painful ever. 
Welcome home and trust you enjoy your ANZAC Day.