Junior & Senior Tour 6-22.11.2013

Well what have we got here?  Is it another adventure?

Yes it is.  This time with best mate Junior.

Where are we off to?  Nobody knows.

Stay tuned for updates and antics of what Stephen Junior & Steven Senior will get up to and where they will be going :) 

We hope you enjoy the ride!!!  SBSNR

Mr. Steven Melb and Mrs. Melb

What the?!?!

Stealing headphones from business class. Classy passengers well done. 
Busy flight!
Seriously we played eenie meanie minie moe to pick which aisle of seats we would sleep in!
Qantas Captain
"I've never seen it like this (empty) before. Ever before."

Living it up with Moët!
Ok I'm trying to figure out why the pictures are being posted sideways. It's not us it's the app!!!
Jnr & Snr have landed :)


Not happy sideways uploads - apologies.  SB



Anfield Stadium Liverpool Football Club


If you need a locker to lock your belongings away how can you trust your teammates on the field
- Bill Shankly LFC
What more could one ask for?
A sold out match. 
Seats right next to the KOP stand right on goal square four rows from front. 
Surreal. Unbelievable. Amazing. Phenomenal. Real people. Such a memorable day :)
And a 4-0 win!  

Goodbye Liverpool. Hello London

Collected our winnings from the annihilation yesterday. 
Saw the Rememberance parade in Liverpool. 
Caught a train from LIV2LON in 2 hours. 
TIP:  Buy a first class ticket. Standard class was not nice at all. Think state of bathroom and lingering smells :( yuk
Arrived in London and my good friend Debbie & Mark (from last year) picked us up and we ventured out for a feed and a stroll around Oxford Streer and Carnaby Street. 
Night wrapped up with an express city tour of sites for Junior to see plus to top it off a cup of tea. How very British :)
Great to catch up with Deb & Mark again. Always feels like home :) SB

Sometimes, you just gotta grab the bull by the horns. 


Ok so we are now in Berlin. It's freezing!

Day 3 Berlin

Stick with what you know and what you like. 
- Junior
Do what makes you happy.
- Senior
If that arm was any straighter it would have been a €12,000 fine
We were going to do this..
Die Australia?
Die Australia?
But then we saw this...
Our good friend Nat. THANK YOU!!!

Visiting Princess Mary

Well the airport only :)


Everyone's connected but no one is connecting

Best event ever
Dancers, violins, band, singers, pyrotechnics, snow. That on top of facilities at event; lockers, cloakrooms, sushi train, lounges, real food NO fast food and to top it off, free wifi. We are so behind. 
Junior and I were also the YOUNGEST on  the bus there by at least an entire decade too. 
No.  Again?  Yes!

From night to day

Operator, I need help

(yes that is a Leatherman attached to my wrist)

memories.....best stuff....worth more than gold...Jan Johnston

That's all folks :-)